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Muslim Man Rapes a 2-Year-old Christian Baby Girl in Islamabad, Pakistan

Neha and her family lived in Islamabad, Pakistan. Neha’s father, a Christian, refused to convert to Islam. So, a Muslim man kidnapped and mercilessly raped his 2 year old daughter in a field, leaving her body horribly disfigured.
Need more evidence that radicalized Islamists are savage BEASTS?
ntrcsr7 note – Somehow, I don’t think this qualifies as the religion of peace.


Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps in the U.S. (Video)


Here is a list of 30 Locations Inside the United States…
1. Marion, Alabama 2. Baladullah, California 3. Oak Hill, California 4. Squaw Valley, California 5. Tulare County, California 6. Buena Vista, Colorado 7. Tallahassee, Florida 8. Commerce, Georgia 9. Jessup, Georgia 10. Springfield, Massachusetts 11. Hagerstown, Maryland 12. Hyattsville, Maryland 13.

Turkey’s Islamist Gov’t Building Massive $100 Million, 15-Acre Mega-Mosque … In Small-Town Maryland

“Turkey’s Islamist government is constructing a massive $100 million, 15-acre mosque in Lanham, Md., that is expected to ‘become the largest and most striking example of Islamic architecture in the Western hemisphere’ by October 2014

Pastor Prosecuted for Reading Bible Out Loud in Public Goes to Trial

The case of two men arrested while reading the Bible—out loud and in public—went to trial on Monday, over a year after the events transpired.
The men were arrested when they went to their local DMV in Hemet, Calif., and read from the Bible aloud as people stood in line for the DMV to open. When the first California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer arrived on the scene, he grabbed the Bible away from the man reading it and said he could not “preach to a captive audience.”

ntrcsr7 note – As the prophetic scriptures are fulfilled and the day of Jesus return for the church grows ever nearer, these kind of events will occur and the great apostasy predicted to occur just before His return is coming to pass even now. Christians are already the minority ( Those who have a true relationship with Jesus, not those who wear the name and are ashamed when persecution comes) and hatred of Jesus’ church is growing more and more with each passing day.

Protestant Church Pushes Billboard Quoting God’s Approval on Gay Rights

A church in New South Wales is attracting international attention with an unconventional sign and its views on homosexuality.
Father Rod Bower of the Anglican parish of Gosford announced his support of gay rights in 2011 with an outdoor sign that read, “Supporting marriage equality.” Now a photo of a recent sign has gone viral.
ntrcsr7 note – If it does NOT line up with the Word of God then its not God saying it!

Billy Graham: America Needs Our Prayers More than Ever

At my age, there are a lot of things that health and strength no longer permit me to do. Sometimes when Franklin is visiting, I jokingly offer him this advice: “Don’t get old!” But there are still many things I can do, and one of them is pray. I’ve been praying fervently that we might have a fresh spiritual awakening in America.

U.S. churches warned of ‘jihadist’ threat

Police in Fort Collins, Colo., are warning local churches to report any suspicious behavior after a self-proclaimed “Islamist jihadist” threatened Mormons and Catholics “would be destroyed” in the next two weeks.