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ISON COVER UP/May not be a Comet. Part 1.

This is a video and you need to watch this.


BREAKING: West Coast Under Severe Threat From Fukushima Spent Fuel…

First, the Japanese government confirmed that the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has been leaking an estimated 300 tonnes of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean each day. The leaks have apparently been going on since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that caused three reactors in the plant to melt down.

Congress Slithering Free From Orwellian Obamacare Mandate

The travesty of Obamacare, this illegal tax foisted upon the American people, is such a nightmare that even Congress, who passed it, doesn’t want to live with it or have to pay the costs associated with it. So if millionaire Congressmen can’t afford it, what do you think will happen to YOU?
ntrcsr7 note – Apparently, the old saying IS true; he who has the gold, makes the rules. Our turncoat public elected officials are throwing us to the sharks while they swim to safety.

Obama Refuses to Talk to America About Terror Threat…

President Obama continues to say nothing to a jittery nation about what some who have been briefed on the danger are describing as the worst terrorist threat since 9/11, declining to either offer reassurance or an explanation of the peril the nation faces.

Gang Of Asteroids Approaching Earth? Is THIS what all the FEMA preparation is REALLY about?

According to this video just released by Russia Today, the Russian meteor from earlier in the year has a gang of followers, possibly on the very same path, now approaching Earth. Is THIS what all the FEMA preparation is REALLY about? If RT knows this, the US government would have to know this too, no? Why haven’t they told us anything?

Eric Holder Demands Federal Supervision Of Apple iTunes & App Stores…

The muslim administration moves forward

DEVELOPING: Selective Service Administration Does Not Deny That Obama’s Selective Service Certificate is Indeed Fabricated…

The response is vague. Even though the Selective Service received a sworn affidavit of Jeffrey Stephan Coffman, former Chief Investigator of the Special Investigations unit of the U.S. Coast Guard, stating that Obama’s selective service registration is a fabricated document, Selective Service administration chose to sidestep the issue of forgery and simply stated that they cannot produce anything in response to FOIA, as they never filed a complaint with any law enforcement agency.