The case of two men arrested while reading the Bible—out loud and in public—went to trial on Monday, over a year after the events transpired.
The men were arrested when they went to their local DMV in Hemet, Calif., and read from the Bible aloud as people stood in line for the DMV to open. When the first California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer arrived on the scene, he grabbed the Bible away from the man reading it and said he could not “preach to a captive audience.”

ntrcsr7 note – As the prophetic scriptures are fulfilled and the day of Jesus return for the church grows ever nearer, these kind of events will occur and the great apostasy predicted to occur just before His return is coming to pass even now. Christians are already the minority ( Those who have a true relationship with Jesus, not those who wear the name and are ashamed when persecution comes) and hatred of Jesus’ church is growing more and more with each passing day.