Temple Mount activists had complained that for the past three days the Temple Mount – the holiest place in Judaism – remained inexplicably closed to non-Muslim visitors. The only “explanation” offered was a bland sign which simply read “Today the Temple Mount will be closed to visitors.”
Those restrictions did not, however, apply to Muslim visitors, who continue to receive unrestricted access.
On Wednesday, Police Commander Avi Bitton finally informed representatives of the Organisation of Temple Movements – an umbrella of various Temple Mount groups – that the sign would remain up for at least another two weeks, until after the Muslim festival of “Eid”, which marks the end of Ramadan.
ntrcsr7 note – Unfortunately, the temple mount must be in hands of sinners when the antichrist comes to power so he can offer it as part of a seven year peace plan that all sides will accept. Even though the Jews will not be able to enter the temple mount due to the scriptural directions for the cleansing of the temole, the Jews will believe that they will have it back.