“I know I’m inappropriate, but I’m trying to save time. I know I’m in the wrong. My mother would not approve. But would it be better that I not come?” Those were the words of a 30-year-old woman entering church in Maryland wearing a revealing tank top and tight pants.
God bless her, but that’s in the same spirit as saying, “I know it’s inappropriate to cuss in church, but I can’t think of any better way to say it,” or, “I know it’s inappropriate to smoke during praise and worship, but I didn’t have time to finish my Marlboro on the way.

ntrcsr7 note – I don’t want to come off the wrong way but this is one of the biggest problems in most Holy Ghost filled churches everywhere. The women of my church wear clothing that would make a lot of worldly women blush. It’s not that I’m looking but it’s kind of hard to miss and by the time I notice my eyes are quickly closed asking Gods forgiveness for even noticing. Gods house is Holy ground and most Christians miss that one. Come on tongue talking sisters, have respect for Gods house, for yourself, and for the people you worship with. If you guys think your getting away with something here, think again. Some of you guys who are spirit filled and tongue talking saints, come into Gods house with a few buttons undone that should be buttoned, or your pants are a little too tight, or your shirts are just a little too small. Everybody knows you work out 3 days a week but thats for you and your wife or your girl friend, not for your sisters in Christ. People, lets respect each others rights not to have to feel the need to ask Gods forgiveness for noticing the flesh in church. If you are dressing like the world, maybe you need to step back and examine your walk with the Lord, remember, a friend of the world is NOT a friend of God.