This month, the youth-oriented Relevant magazine, published by Cameron Strang, ran an article on the topic of post-Christian America. Quoting a Barna Group study, the article cited that in America, seven of 10 people describe themselves as Christian. Yet consider the following statistics cited:
•57 percent have not read the Bible in the last week
•41 percent agree that Jesus committed sins
•29 percent disagree that the Bible is accurate
ntrcsr7 note – If these people don’t awaken before the rapture, there will be a lot of red faces. WAKE UP CHRISTIANS. You wear the name but you are a harlot. Christ is coming for a faithful bride, not this goofiness. Read the Word daily, pray without ceasing, and get bold. Who care if people thing your weird, they have thought that of me all my life, who cares. Get bold for the Lord, be weird, the world is but for the wrong reason, you get weird for the right reason.