“International Christian Concern [ICC] rejoices at the release of Pastor Asseriyan from prison after his arrest for nothing more than exercising his basic rights of religious freedom. We continue to urge the government of Iran to protect the rights of all of its citizens,” says Todd Daniels, ICC regional manager for the Middle East. “We call on Iran to release the other Christians and minorities being arbitrarily held in Iranian prisons. ICC also calls on the international community to continue to pressure Iran to end its systematic and egregious violations of fundamental rights and its abuses of its citizens.”
Pastor Robert Asseriyan, a leader at the Central Assemblies of God church in Tehran, was arrested in the middle of a church service on May 21. He was immediately taken to an undisclosed location, and it was later revealed he was held in Evin prison, says World Watch Monitor.

ntrcsr7 note- Thank you Jesus for get this pastor released. Now, he needs to get out of Iran.