Walid shoebat
Whoever imagined that before Jesus’ second coming that Israel must be reestablished with the Sanhedrin, its religious legal institution, the very agency that put Him on trial before a Jewish Council. Recently, the Sanhedrin, still, chose someone else besides its rightful Messiah, and have even embraced the Islamic idea, that Messiah could be the Islamic Mahdi.
Astonished? Its all caught on film.
ntrcsr7 note – This has come from Walid Shoebat so I know this is true. This proveswithout a shadowof a doubt that antichrist WILL be a muslim. You could never get a muslim to follow a Jew, but this proves you can get the Jews to follow a muslim. This is a prophetic major earthquake. I know Walid,He’s a good man and a wonderful Christian brother.