Calling a relationship between two members of the same sex that is based on personal affinity and psychological attraction “marriage” does not change reality. That relationship can never be a marriage, which is uniquely characterized by the sexual union of two heterosexual individuals—one male and one female—who have taken vows of sexual fidelity to each other and to the exclusion of all others. This reality, which is rooted in God’s creation order, cannot be changed, regardless of whether or not any court or legislative body attempts to give its legal imprimatur to relationships that are based solely on personalistic definitions of love and attraction.

ntrcsr7 note – We, as the Lords church, are responsible for setting the example that the world needs to follow. I am as guilty as anyone else for not doing what I knew I should in that I have been married three times. However, God told me He was tired of me choosing mates that hurt me so He sent me one who wouldn’t and after 14 years of marriage we still haven’t had an argument. I love her like Christ loves the church.