President Putin met with David Cameron in London today and made his stance clear on the ongoing conflict, that he still DOES NOT support arming the rebels, referring to an incident where a rebel ate the heart of a Syrian soldier. He also emphasized the point that his arming of Assad’s “legitimate” regime is “in compliance with national law.” His bold statements along with Iran’s intention of deploying 4,000 troops to support Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad will no doubt cause increased speculation about the ongoing conflict, with some even suggesting this conflict could escalate into a possible world-war, if not handled carefully via diplomacy.
ntrcsr7 note – I realize that many people were horrified at a Syrian rebel soldier taking a bite of an enemy soldiers heart but what many people don’t realize is that most special forces units are not actively living for Christ. That being said, a lot of special forces soldiers including American special forces soldiers do some things, especially when they are deployed in enemy territory, are trained to kill in a way that most civilians would never understand. The absolute dynamic of physical plus psychological fear a deployed unit uses against an enemy can save many lives and special forces uses dynamics that no civilian would ever understand, especially Marine Corps special forces. It can get pretty hairy out there and physical force is not the only weapon deployed. A psyched out enemy can not fight.