Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday hinted at the possibility of military action along the border with Syria, saying that the vacuum left by departing UN peacekeepers on the Golan Heights was an indication that, when it came to security, Israel could only count on itself.
Speaking before the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said that he had spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the weekend on Syria, “where the situation is becoming daily more complex” for Israel given the potential for spillover on the Golan Heights.
“Israel is not intervening in the Syrian civil war, as long as fire is not being directed at us,” Netanyahu said. “The crumbling of the UN force on the Golan Heights underscores the fact that Israel cannot depend on international forces for its security. They can be part of the arrangements. They cannot be the basic foundation of Israel’s security.”
ntrcsr7 note – I told prime minister Netanyahu that he could not trust President Obama that he needed to trust his own instincts and he told me I was barking up the wrong tree, I needed to shut up. I have been praying for Gods chosen nation and His chosen people. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the peace of Israel. By reading this article, I think maybe Israels prime minister has learned that he has no allies that he can depend on. Israels security is in Gods hands and prime minister Netanyahu is very capable of protecting his nation and his people. I love Israel and I am not afraid for them as long as prime minister Netanyahu is leading his people down the right path.