There was no comment from Jerusalem on this latest conversation. However, the frequent communications between the Russian and Israeli leaders speak volumes about who calls the shots for the Syrian war arena – and the wider Middle East as well – since the Obama administration opted out. It also demonstrated that Putin is not giving up on the deployment of Russian troops on the Golan, despite the UN veto on their stepping into the shoes of the departing 377 Austrian members of the UN force policing the Golan separation zone between Israel and Syria.
ntrcsr7 note – In the end times that we live in, moving Russian troops into the Golan would be like coaxing the bull to the slaughter house. The Gog/Magog coalition is currently coming together so fast it won’t be long till plans to invade Israel for the new oil and natural gas finds that Russia lusts after so badly will be complete and Gog and his muslim hordes will move south to claim the treasures of oil and natural gas recently discovered.