Why is it that in this world that a Holy and righteous God, The only true God, for there is no other, has created so perfectly, so wonderfully, evil men have lied and connived their way into leadership by beguiling the weak minded and those who waver at the gentlest breeze of fantasy and conspiracy? Evil has a way of destroying the timid and weak souls of those who dare not resist against the image of strength not realizing that that image is no more strong than the evil is honorable or true.

As I contemplate the times that we live in, knowing of a surety that all around me are the signs of the times that broadcast the eventual justice of a truly gracious and loving God, Creator, and Savior, I realize that as evil as our leaders are, They shall be caught up in their own devices, their own conspiracies and dark plots taking them by the force and by the weight of the innocent blood that they themselves have spilled. Upon further reflection, I arrive at an eventual truth that proclaims with simplicity and a stark humbleness that the true heros of our day are those brave, unselfish warriors who fear the wrath of God, but fear not the seemingly unconquerable minions of the enemies of mans soul. I realize that these heros that God has placed around us and among us, don’t weigh the cost of their own demise but rather, calculate the human cost of the inaction of themselves and their brothers and sisters who are like them. These are the true heros, these men and women who  love Jehovah God more than any life that He could ever give them. These are the true heros, these brothers and sisters who pick up their spiritual stones and sling every Goliath that would propose ripping freedom from the hands of the innocent and the meek who themselves, are incapable of fighting the good fight for a lack of self worth and a lack of faith in themselves that God Himself placed in their hearts and minds  to be utilized in the dark  days just before His return when He Himself shall remove these evil power brokers from the ranks of those intended to build up this once great nation and not tear down and destroy the ndonly light of hope and freedom in an ever sin darkening world. These true heros, so few and far between, are the beacons of light that that are a signpost to the lost, and evil abominations of men who would enslave their unwitting, unsuspecting  brothers and sisters, proclaiming In Gods name, and for His honor and glory, that their foul deeds shall not succeed, but shall be their undoing and testify against them that their disobedience to a loving and passionate God shall end up in a lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels. The true heroes, are Gods promise to man that even in these dark times of rebellion and apostasy, God is still in charge  and He will accomplish all His will.