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Lady Gaga Desecrates National Anthem During Gay Pride Rally, “Land Of The Free, Home For The Gay”…


ntrcsr7 note – How many men and women died in battle defending the stars and stripes just to have some person contaminate everything they served and died for, for something as immoral as gay pride. God WILL NOT tolerate this and WILL punish the guilty. He knows the thoughts and intents of the heart, every heart.


U.S. Vice-President: America ‘on the verge’ of moving ‘even further’ on homosexual marriage

Biden heralded the Supreme Court’s ruling as “a great day for every gay and lesbian couple and it should be a great day for every straight couple in America.

ntrcsr7 note – I don’t understand why the vice president would say “it should be a great day for every straight couple in America.” Does this mean he thinks that those of us who are moral and decent minded are as perverse as him and the rest of his warped friends? If he is so delighted about gay marriage, why doesn’t he divorce his wife and find a nice sexy man to marry?

Iran: Syrian crisis prelude to comingof Mahdi

The four horsemen
Hadiths from Ali, the Shiites’ 1st imam, also state that a sign of the coming will be the fall of the walls of Damascus. A tight-knit coalition of Syrian loyalists, Hezbollah fighters and Iranian forces is fighting against a loose coalition of Syrian rebels and al-Qaida fighters. The anti-Assad forces have brought their fight to inside Damascus.

ntrcsr7 note – according to the hadith from the first Imam, Isaiah 17 must occur before the 12 th Imam can appear on the worlds scene. Oddly enough, the Shiite prophecy of the 12th Imam depicts their Savior riding out of the desert on a large white horse. The first seal judgment is a rider on a white horse so if the Shiite prophecy is true that means we are only months away from the rapture of the church, and the coming of the 12th Imam, also know in Christian prophecy as antichrist.

Home land security inspector general accused of white washing report cover up and fraud…….

Charles Edwards, Deputy Inspector General at the Department of Homeland Security and de facto head of the office, was ordered by Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson to provide sixteen separate document sets related to the allegations by July 19.

ntrcsr7 note – Yet another scandal from the Obama administration. Will this one be the one that breaks the administrations back?

BREAKING — Feds Default, Fail to Provide Answer in Case Involving Obama’s Use of a Stolen Social Security Number… ‘Blatant Admission of Guilt’

The United States Government failed to furnish an opposition or a response to the motion for reconsideration seeking SS-5, Social Security application for Social Security number 042-68-4425 which was assigned to Harrison J. Bounel and which Obama is fraudulently using.

ntrcsr7 note – If that had been a middle to low class American, they would have already been in a federal prison

The Christian Leaders Who Are Endorsing Gay Marriage and the Gay Rights Movement


With the historic announcement this week that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional and the gay rights movement celebrating the 5-4 ruling, which reversed a section of DOMA (which only previously recognized marriage between a man and a woman), some Christian leaders are actually supporting the move and believe equality should be for all, including the gay community.

ntrcsr7 note – I don’t care what the world says about marriage, we, as the church of Jesus, have Gods Word to tell US what marriage is and who can be married. If church leaders are siding with the world, they need to be asked to leave leadership. A friend of God cannot be a friend of the world or he is no friend of God. period. The world may not live by absolutes, but we as men and women of God must.

Church Needs to Repent for Failing to Model Strong Marriage

Calling a relationship between two members of the same sex that is based on personal affinity and psychological attraction “marriage” does not change reality. That relationship can never be a marriage, which is uniquely characterized by the sexual union of two heterosexual individuals—one male and one female—who have taken vows of sexual fidelity to each other and to the exclusion of all others. This reality, which is rooted in God’s creation order, cannot be changed, regardless of whether or not any court or legislative body attempts to give its legal imprimatur to relationships that are based solely on personalistic definitions of love and attraction.

ntrcsr7 note – We, as the Lords church, are responsible for setting the example that the world needs to follow. I am as guilty as anyone else for not doing what I knew I should in that I have been married three times. However, God told me He was tired of me choosing mates that hurt me so He sent me one who wouldn’t and after 14 years of marriage we still haven’t had an argument. I love her like Christ loves the church.