I don’t tend towards the high-drama end times approach. Until today. Today I understood His word through a dream from a stranger and His confirmation through me of all people. I fear lethargy and indifference has entered my Christianity.

From ntrcsr7: I have received a confirmation from God from this post. Some one once told me I was one of Gods prophets. I asked  if that was true. Now, most of the time, when I tell people I talk to God and He talks back, I get this look. I’m not sorry folks that God talks to me. You will just have to accept what you can. Anyway, God told me no Tony, that’s not true. He said, you are not a prophet, He said you are a watchman on the wall and I want you to keep everybody up to date on world events so they will know how close I am to sending my Son back for you and the rest of my church. This is why these posts are here. I am a watchman and I will do my best to let you know just how close His coming is.