If God is good, why didn’t He stop the tornado?

Sometimes I get very tired of the world asking the same tired questions a million times over when they refused to accept the answer the fist thousand times. I know what my pastor would say; that’s the wrong attitude Tony, we need to love them no matter what. That’s probably true. But after years of blessing beyond compare, my countrymen have spit in Gods face, drove Him out of all public places, driven Him out of their homes, and tried to drive Him out of our homes. Then they have the nerve to say, “Well, I thought He was supposed to be a good God, why did He let this happen?” Ok my friend, heres your answer: God created man, perfect in all his ways, that is, until he decided to disobey God and stated a chain reaction of events that cannot be stopped until these events reach a final conclusion. Well, why doesn’t he just intervene? Why? Because God, by His own Holy nature, could not even spare His own Son because of what man did. God is bound by His own Holy perfection to see to it that all unrepentant sin is dealt with. If the disobiedient people of this world would all repent of their sins and turn towards God to seek His forgivness through His Son Jesus Christ, they would see a different world where God can intervene but alas, as long as man lives in this body of flesh, there will never be one perfect human being. Some of us have learned that daily repentance and prayerful obiedience can make a big difference in finding happiness in this life, but there will always be those around us who despise the name of Christ, who live in willful disobiedience who live reckless lives and because they do, those who are obiediente will be caught crossing their paths and suffer loss because they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why does God allow these things to happen? Because man started something that he could stop if he would repent, but he refuses. God intervens in His childrens lives constantly, but the unrepentant are never there to see that.